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Overcoat tells stories in sound that
beguile, inform and intrigue.

From podcasts to live concerts, arts features to factual series, our content’s got a reputation for turning heads – blending the intimacy and rigour of documentary storytelling with narrative playfulness and sonic adventure.

Our Vision

A launchpad for new talent and new sounds

We are bespoke audio producers, dedicated to highly-crafted content for the radio, podcast and commercial worlds. And we’re determined to do things differently.

We hunt for new talent, new stories and new experiences on both sides of the microphone. And we’re passionate about giving expression to a fresh and diverse array of voices that matter.

Our home is Wales, and our language is international.

The Crossbow Killer

6 part True Crime podcast
BBC Sounds

One of Britain’s most callous and brutal killings. No motive. No explanation. Tim Hinman and Meic Parry investigate the case of a Welsh murder stranger than fiction.  Producer, sound designer and researcher: Meic Parry, Narration and story: Tim Hinman

“Tim Hinman and Meic Parry are excellent, and the gorgeous Welsh accents of many of those speaking have an effect, as does the sonic atmosphere. The show is beautifully paced and realised. A feeling of dread – of something going really wrong – is conjured subtly and maintained: a result of careful, imaginative production.” – The Guardian

Nominated at the ARIAs, Celtics and True Crime Awards 2024

Am I Home? – Life in a Dementia Village 

1 x 28m

BBC Radio 4

Is it OK to lie to people with dementia if it improves their wellbeing? Lara Bullens goes inside a Truman Show-esque ‘dementia village’ in Warwick, where the fake and real blur.

Written and Presented by Lara Bullens, Produced by Lara Bullens and Olivia Humphreys

A Positive Life: HIV from Terrence Higgins to Today

Podcast of the Year & Best Factual Podcast – British Podcast Awards 2023
BBC Sounds
8 part podcast

Sam Smith presents stories of HIV in the UK over the last 40 years; beginning with the life of Terrence Higgins, one of the first British people to die of an AIDS-related illness.

Producer: Arlie Adlington
Assistant Producer: Emma Goswell

The Exploding Library – in its third series for BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 4

In each episode, a comedian explodes and unravels their most cherished cult books, paying homage to the tone and style of the original text, but blurring the lines between fact and fiction.

“The Exploding Library is…joyful… It celebrates adventurous fiction with equally adventurous, playful programme-making.” – The Telegraph

Producers: Benjamin Partridge, Steven Rajam, Leonie Thomas

Multi Award-winning

6 Decades of Experience

54 Programmes
in production

Some of our team

Steven Rajam

Creative Director

Steven is Overcoat's Creative Director and co-founder. He is known for audio documentaries that blend formal and narrative playfulness with factual storytelling that still winks at the BBC's mission to "inform, educate and entertain".
His feature “Tim Key and Gogol’s Overcoat” won the 2013 Prix Italia, and he’s made award-winning programmes on subjects from politics to sport, visual arts to history, comedy to poetry.

Michael Surcombe

Managing Director

Michael Surcombe is Overcoat’s Managing Director, and co-founder. He has a track record of being at the cutting edge of technological innovation, combining a content-maker’s creative flair with an eye for the latest digital ideas.
A music specialist, he’s produced numerous key strands for the BBC including a role as launch producer for BBC Radio 3’s The Choir and long-time producer for Composer Of The Week.
He’s also a respected technology professional and trainer, and led BBC Wales’s innovation programme in audio, video and digital from 2014 before establishing his presence in the independent sector.

Amy Wheel

Business Manager

Janice Jardine

Production Coordinator

Jess Gunasekara

Development Producer

Geof Stewart

Sales Manager

James Bonney

Trainee Producer

Leonie Thomas


Leonie Thomas is an award-winning audio producer whose work has appeared on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, the World Service, Audible and BBC Sounds. She’s recorded in the neolithic chamber of Maeshowe on Orkney, conducted a moth hunt in Virginia Woolf’s garden, and followed visitors around museums for the Art Fund’s podcast, Meet Me At The Museum. With a PhD in early BBC broadcasting, Leonie now finds herself learning how to make cider on a farm in France.

James Taylor


James Taylor graduated with a 1st class hons. degree in Journalism, Communication and Politics from Cardiff University in 2019. Since then he has worked in multiple roles in audio, TV, and video production; including working as a Self-Shooting PD for a social-first ad agency. James works with as producer for the BBC Sounds Mindful Mix programme and research and production on other projects. His freelance work includes working as a multi cam director with the London-based slow news organisation Tortoise Media. Keen on connecting communities through music, he directs and composes for vocal harmony groups in his free time.

Katie Hill

Trainee Producer

Rosemary Baker

Freelance Producer

Rosemary Baker is an award-winning audio producer, filmmaker and visual artist. Her critically acclaimed documentary and film work has appeared across the BBC and Channel 4.

Gareth Gwynn

Freelance producer/presenter

Gareth Gwynn is a comedy writer, radio presenter and producer. He has written for The Now Show (BBC Radio 4), Have I Got News For You (BBC One) and his sitcom work includes Ankle Tag (BBC Radio 4) and Tourist Trap (BBC One Wales). He has presented several documentaries for BBC Radio 4 including “The Greatest Ever Faker” in which he met, interviewed and spent time with a real-life convicted fraudster, who was absolutely lovely. But then, that’s how they do it, isn’t it?

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