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Could one online inspirational quote actually change your life?

India Rakusen wants to get under the skin of this seemingly harmless international phenomenon and find out if one quote can change her life. She’ll be joined by journalist and sceptic Anisa Subedar as they both try and live by a mantra. On the way she’ll discover how the brain responds to inspirational siren calls by talking to behavioural neuroscientist Patricia Riddell and will meet a therapist who tells us when we need to remain wary. She’ll be meeting those, like eternal optimist Basma Fawzy, who swears a quote really can work, as well as those who want to see them disappeared by the great delete button in the sky. Author James Fell explains epiphanies and Japanese writer and lawyer Yutaka Yazawa explores the power of the proverb.


Presenter and producer: India Rakusen for Overcoat Media